Do your brand encounter the following situations ?

In France, luxurious brands suffers from an annual loss of 50 billions Euros because of counterfeiting which resulted in 20,000 people gets unemployed.

Nearly 50% of automobile spare parts sold in Southeast Asia and Middle East are counterfeited products. Under such counterfeiting attack, US automobile industry suffers US$ 30 billions loss annually.

Global pharmaceutical companies suffered from a loss of over US$ 10 billions as a result of counterfeiting. There are over thousands of people died in Africa as a result of taking fake drugs.

Why don’t you take cautionary preemption?


3 Major Steps in Brand Protection


Business Protection

    • Brand positioning
    • Meeting market appetite and preference
    • Maintaining brand reputation
    • Maintaining brand competitiveness

Law Protection

    • Professional legal support
    • Build up trademark management system
    • Continuous monitoring and enforcement



Social Protection

  • Create better social ambience for enterprises
  • Innovative management, cultural development
  • Encourage the consumer community joins force in brand protection

What if there is no protection…

Damage Brand Equity ; Harm Sales Revenue

  • Fraudulent customer service
  • Counterfeit products
  • Fake company websites
  • Phishing
  • Trademark infringement
  • Unauthorized access
  • Unauthorized selling
  • Chaos in managing massive numbers of domains and trademarks
  • Malicious Domain transfer

If your brand is being infringed,
to what extent will impact your company’s market value ?

The Top Ten Most Valuable Brand in China (Listed)

Brand Name Brand Equity (billion) Market Value Brand Equity Ratio
4,130  12,523  10%
3,730  12,523  10%
3,495  20,454  9%
2,158  16,288 16%
1,931  16,288 16%
1,313  14,526  7%
968  7,470  19%
964  7,470  19%
751  20,242  9%
741  20,242  9%

Remarks: The above figures are extracted from 2014 World Manager Group’s statistics

How to Protect Your Brand

BrandColud is an Integrated Online Brand Monitoring System that Protects 360-Degree Hassle-Free Solution Helps Monitoring the Internet for Unauthorized Use of Your Brand Assets, Providing Detailed Analysis and Reports of Infringement Activities, Resolving Domains and Trademark Infringement via Blocking, Suspension and Legal Enforcement.

Domain Management

Domain Management

  • Domain recommendation
  • Domain registration
Brand Asset Management

Brand Asset Management

  • Domain management
  • Trademark management
  • Brand management
  • TMCH
  • DPML


  • Blocking
  • Take-down
Brand Monitoring

Brand Monitoring

  • Web hosting monitoring
  • Search engine monitoring
  • Ecommerce monitoring
Brand Optimization

Brand Optimization

  • Domain recommendation
  • Optimization Consulting Service
  • Domain Buy-back
  • Domain Arbitration
  • New gTLD service

Brand Protection One-stop Solution

Domain and web-hosting monitoring

Domain and web-hosting monitoring

Speedily locating brand or product-related domains for domain preemption or brand protection

New gtld monitoring

New gtld monitoring

Proactive domain registration to facilitate digital marketing strategy using industry keyword, company slogan and product name; as well as for new product launch and marketing campaign preparation

Protect Your Brand

E-commerce monitoring

E-commerce monitoring

Anti-counterfeiting by quickly contain counterfeits and imitations and allow legal enforcement



Valid and solid proof of infringement, blocking and take down services with service level guarantee (SLA) are available as your choice of enforcement actions. (Blocking SLA: 3 days guarantee; Take-down SLA: 7 days)

Legal Action

Legal Action

Co-operate with local legal firms and IP lawyers which assists you to enforce anti-counterfeiting remotely, significantly saving up your time and cost.