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Establish your Presence and capture new gTLD business in China

China, one of the fast growing economy in the world with over 1.3 billions population, is also one of the world’s most booming digital market. China domain registration volume reached over 9.1 millions as of 2014, ranked 2nd right after United States, it is believed that the growth rate will upsurge in upcoming years.

You New gTLD Navigator

Who are we ? Ltd., a brand and trademark technology cloud computing company, is committed to protecting large enterprises, SMEs and startups alike for their valuable digital assets, reducing risk and maximising profits. With over 10 years of domain name registration management and registration service experience, Brandma’s team is comprised of industry professionals and has local presence in Beijing, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, providing one-stop services of brand management, monitoring and protection. Utilizing break-through technology on a specialized platform, Brandma has comprehensive brand protection solutions for enterprises of all sizes, which focuses on safeguarding corporate digital assets.

Why Brandma.Co ?

During the first round new gTLD registration 2012, Brandma.Co provide one-stop consultation services to over a hundred of applicants ranging from application submission to business operation. Brandma.Co is the first and leading new gTLD expert in China.

Brandma.Co integrates our profound experiences and absolute advantage developed rooTLD, which serves as your navigator to explore and extend your domain name business in China.

What is RooTLD ?

“RooTLD” is’s flagship consultancy service, we aim to root and grow your TLD business in China.  Brandma facilitates and supports Japanese companies, namely registries and new gTLD investors in capturing the world’s 2nd largest domain name market, with an estimate of over 6.5 millions trademarks in China which no doubt serves as a strong base for TLD sales.

Your China Gateway

We are the local experts who can support you to explore business opportunities in China from scratch or to extend and adapt your established business to this booming Chinese market by offering you a full suite of consultancy and outsourcing services for new gTLD business.

You are promised enjoying hassle-free services without having unnecessary money being wasted in establishing local network and also have your precious time and efforts being saved up in juggling for the winning business model.

How can Brandma.Co help you swiftly enter China market ?

Brandma.Co introduces and extends your new gTLD presence in China market within 3-6 months!

As the domain name market is a regulated industry in China, all registries and registrars have to obtain the pre-requisite licences before commencing sales and operation of TLDs in the Chinese market. Brandma’s local resources and expertise can assist you with the license application processes.

To enable and arouse effective market awareness and promotion in China, Brandma.Co first provides customer market analytic report, which gives you a comprehensive understanding of the Chinese market characteristics, structure, growth rate, trends, and most importantly, the regulatory environment, etc. Brandma.Co gives professional and practical advice on feasible entry strategies and tactics based on the customer’s nature and model of business, company mission, as well as the target markets to be reached.

RooTLD Service Coverage



  • CNNIC & TWNIC member
  • Member of Internet Society of China
  • Profound local registry and registrar experience in China
  • Close co-operation with government agencies
  • Strategic alliance with local registrars
  • Dedicated resources and commitment in advocating new gTLD in China via organizing annual roadshow and engaging in China registrars liaison activities

Brandma's network in China

Brandma is currently taking a thought leadership role in China’s new gTLD development, together with our professional network with local stakeholders and government bodies, like CNNIC, we are confident in serving no matter newcomers or existing domain industry players to capture this immerse market’s potential.   Our service is flexible and tailored to meet one-stop requests serving brand-new clients who have limited domain industry knowhow for starting up the business from scratch to those who are experienced players at home but simply looking for market expansion tactics and promotional campaign execution in China.

  • Advice on the regulatory process for obtaining relevant licenses
  • Interpretation on Chinese government policies and procedures
  • Preparation of necessary official documents to meet changing new gTLD regulation
  • Recommendations on the technical infrastructure to meet the pre-requisites for regulatory approval
  • Public relation with various stakeholders
  • Assessment of qualified services providers (Registrar, Registry, Bidder)
  • Technical platforms’ interconnection and integration
  • Development of operation and communication plan adapting China new gTLD market’s appetite
  • Chinese-language translation services
  • Local marketing campaign implementation and China social media promotion